Mount Fuji or Fujisan is Japan’s highest mountain. The peak lies at 3776 meters which translates to 12,388ft. Its conical form, often snow-capped can be seen from both Tokyo and Yokohama providing of course the weather is clear.

The shape is the clue, because Fuji, the Spiritual Mountain is a volcano. The last eruption was in 1708 so we can safely say Mount Fuji is presently dormant.

For the traveler who is perhaps using Japan as a stop over on a flight from either the US or Europe to Australasia time is probably in short supply. However, your stop-over will probably act as a foretaste of this incredible land of rugged terrain and rocky coasts, and not forgetting the fact that Japan is one of the few places in the world that enjoys four seasons. The easiest way to catch a good glimpse of the mountain is to take a train from Tokyo to Osaka. The Tokado line runs from the capita to Osaka via Nagoya and Kyoto; all places worth visiting during your stay in Japan. Approximately 45minutes after leaving Tokyo the train comes to Shin-Fuji station. This is the place to take photographs, so be sure you are on the right hand side of the carriage in order to see the towering, often snow capped peak of Japan’s premier mountain. Japanese trains are fast and efficient so the stop at Shin-Fuji will be brief and you will need to be quick in order to get your photographs. Unfortunately, too, the view can frequently be marred or even obscured by haze or cloud cover. this is especially so during the warm summer months, so maybe the best time to visit is the winter!

However, for those with more time, head out of Tokyo to the Fuji Five Lake Region that hugs the lower reaches of the mountain at an altitude of 3500 ft. This is a good base for climbing the mountain. To benefit from better weather conditions this is best done during the summer months of July and August.

Another alternative is to proceed to the hot spa resort of Hakone. Hakone is a favorite getaway spot from the hurly burly of bustling Tokyo, so expect the town to full at week-ends and during holiday time. From this lovely place with its lakeside setting you will get breath-taking glimpses of the upper reaches of a mountain that has inspired artists and sages over the centuries. If you want to go to the top, there is a motor road that goes half way up so you don’t need to get into training before heading off to Japan. Oh, yes, the best time to visit Hakone and the 5 Lake Region is during the month of June when the hydrangeas are in bloom, enjoy your trip! Interested in this subject? Try this link for more of the same

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Written by: Alister Bredee