You may request a link exchange with us, as long as your site meets our family friendly quality standards. If your site promotes anything that we feel is contrary to the purpose and message of this website, you will also not be approved for link exchange.

If your site has a higher pagerank than ours, we will offer links on other sites in addition to this one to give you full reciprocal value. We will also consider three way link trades, and have many sites which have similar topics. You may request content ad swaps as well. We strive to meet search engine friendly goals of high quality, relevant link resources on our sites.

We ONLY accept link trades for RELEVANT CONTENT page links – We will not place your link on a Links or Resource page, and any reciprocal link must be placed on a content page with a related topic. This gives the link trades higher value.

Please email, with High Altitude Link Exchange Request in the subject line.

We reserve the right to decline a link exchange with any other site for any reason.